Saturday, February 2, 2013

OMG! 2013! WHAT???!!!

Yeah, right, so whats up with that? 2013? I can't believe it. First off the kids are two whole years older than they were when last I posted, which is ridiculous because when last I posted I said to myself that I was going to post every month. Wow. So much for keeping a promise to myself.

But here goes. I am saying it again as I want to communicate with you more as Mayron's Goods is growing. Time is a passing and none of us are getting any younger. Some of us are just being born, and some of us are cruisin' in the fast lane onward. But I am here and I must say, more excited about life than I ever have been, and busier it seems than I ever have been.

First off, we are renaming our Baby line, from Baby Goods, to something really breathtaking... 


Okay, no snarky comments. I wanted to simplify. And not be confusing. And I wanted to match the cream color of my signature footwear.

So here we are.  A look at just one of our new and improved Baby line.
We also are launching SOON our new and improved On Line Store where you will be able to order BABY GIFTS of all sizes and combinations without stressing, using up gas, or leaving the house.

We have wonderful offerings that will be terrific to send and a terrific to receive. 
It will come in our signature gift box.

So stay tuned for that. Like I said, coming soon. 

Also coming soon are two additions to our ADULT line, for everyone.  
We have two new offerings for pocket and every day. 

Our new Vanilla Bean or Mint Lip Stuff.

All this will be available on the new site. 

We here are committed to giving you the most natural, organic products we can. 

You can use the goods knowing you are putting on you or your baby the best of what mother nature has to offer.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great time of it, whatever you are doing.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Onward and Onward

It has been a while since I last wrote to you and lots has been happening. We finally launched our full line of Baby Goods last spring and the goods have been getting out indeed. Some pretty famous actors and actresses have been receiving Baby Goods and loving them! The feedback from my actor/actress friends has been  pretty special and I WISH I could share with you what they said but because some of them are like, really famous, and I don't have their permission to really say what they said, I don't want to say it here and get into trouble. But take my word for it, they like our Baby Goods just as much as I hoped they would! My dad's products are pretty incredible and he keeps tweaking each batch we manufacture to make the next one even better than the last. 
So no one is resting on their laurels here. We are trying to keep 'em coming, new Good Stuff for you as fast as we can get it in the pipeline. Dad has just finished our CALENDULA Balm 4 Cuts + Bruises. 25% Calendula in a sharp little stick to keep and use. It is heaven! This little new addition will be rolled out this fall, just in time for autumn and winter sports and spills. I am so excited about it!
But one thing I really wanted to share with you is what Mayron's Goods has done in the greater community. We make our yearly contribution to the NATIONAL WOMEN'S HEALTH NETWORK in Washington D.C., a contribution from the year's sales. The money there is given to various medical research labs that need funds, and all of you who have purchased from us are contributers to that. Makes me feel swell and I hope it does you too. 
Also, and here's a BIG ALSO, we have donated much of "Our Best" Barrier and Diaper Cream to Operation Shower, a non-profit group that puts on baby showers for army wives at Posts around the country who are expecting a baby. We are proud to be helping our service men and women on this side of the ocean engaged in the war effort, by donating the Goods for the new babies that are arriving.
Ironically I have directed two episodes of the Lifetime series "Army Wives" and when I was approached by Operation Shower I thought it such a cool thing to do, and was very excited to send our Diaper Cream out to the Posts. 

Here is Michelle Obama arriving at one of the showers thrown by Operation Shower. And The Goods were there!

So where have we been making other appearances? Well we showed up  at the ABC Baby & Kids Expo last year in Las Vegas and then at the New York Gift show at Extracts and also at Elements shown by David Pirrotta Brand Management. 
Sharing the Jao Ltd. Booth with sister Gale at Extracts.
And last winter we at The Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California.

We are packing our bags again and going on the road, for the New York Gift Show this August at Extracts in the Jao Ltd. booth and at Elements, shown by David Pirrotta Brand Management... And then in September, Louisville, Kentucky here we come, for the ABC Baby & Kids show, 2011.
It's a busy year with lots that has been done and lots more to do.
I myself, continue to be excited by life and all that it brings. I am excited by the new friends I have made, and the wonderful people I have met on the road, while I try to get our products out there to all of you. 

I send my best wishes 
and excitement to you.
And remember, 
Nothing is more important than this day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trade Show in Las Vegas & Then The Fun Begins

Sunrise in Las Vegas

So excited to be launching the line. Finally. After a year of hard work we would have more than just our Barrier and Diaper cream to sell.
Here is the booth.

That was incredible. My parents flew out and met me there. Dad, the chemist behind the whole thing, got to meet his biggest fans.

We met so many fans of the line and made friends with many new store owners who are going to carry our products. So thrilling and exciting!

And we came home. And then...

...a funny thing happened after I returned from the ABC KIDS EXPO in Las Vegas mid-September.

My brand manager, David, told me I
should trademark the slogan, "At Home.. On the Road," which was on my logo and product labels.

So I called the trademark lawyer who had trademarked "Mayron's Good Baby" twelve years ago, to see if he could look into that for me...
and I found out that he had died.

Okay. I can deal with that. I can get another trademark lawyer and get it done. So while I was trying to wrench a concrete date out of the manufacturer in Reading, Pa. to make the 4 new products of the baby line, I had a conversation with the new trademark lawyer. After a little research he promptly told me that I no longer had the trademark for Mayron's Good Baby.



That was a shock.

Especially after debuting Mayron’s Good Baby at the largest baby and kid's trade show in the country.


Twelve years ago, when my trademark lawyer was alive, I told him I wanted to name the company "Good Baby." He told me there was already a company called "Good Baby" in China and that they made strollers. But it was strollers in China, and I was going to do skincare in America. He suggested I put my name in front of "Good Baby" and that's how "Mayron's Good Baby" came to be.

In 2007, "Good Baby" in China apparently pulled trademarks for everything and anything to do with babies: diapers, diaper bags, high chairs, skin care! And, in the last twelve years, have built themselves into a business worth over 300 million today.

Back to the present.

I'm just new here. I'm just one of the "little guys" right now. I don't want anyone coming after me before I've even left the starting gate and say I'm using their name.

I had to regroup.

Redesign the labels, re-trademark things...
I had incorporated under "Mayron's Goods."
So that's what we are: Mayron’s Goods.

And Our Baby Line is now called, "Baby Goods."

The artwork of the products is almost identical, but the name change is there.

So, we are manufacturing, finally, the new products in the next week and it is VERY EXCITING!

From the bottom of my heart I want you to know how much I am grateful for your time and your support. Your support of my brand new fledging effort means so much to me and my Dad.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I look forward to our continued friendship.

Happy New Year!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Week!

What a week it was! They flew the entire cast of THIRTYSOMETHING to New York Cit
y last weekend to appear on our first reunion after like a whole heck of a lot of years (you do the math, we went off the air in '91)... to plug the DVD release of season one of thirtysomething being put out by the Shout Factory on that day, August 25.

And there we were waking up at three am California time to go to the ABC studios at Times Square to appear on Good Morning America. All seven of us, Me, Patricia Wettig, Ken Olin, Polly Draper, Mel Harris, Timothy Busfield and Peter Horton. We got to
meet Diane Sawyer which was a thrill, and look head on face to face with pictures of ourselves in our thirties. So young, so skinny, yet, that trick time does to you when you live a few more years, it doesn't feel all that long ago. The seven of us had and still do have interestingly enough, great chemistry and friendship, and when we get together it feels somehow like we are in a thirtysomething episode once again.

One of the questions Diane said we would be asked was what we have been up to lately. Well I pondered if I should plug Mayron's Good Baby on the air. I didn't want to appear like I am not in the business anymore and have dropped out and doing something else as that is not the case. I am still directing and writing movies and very much with my heart show business... It's just that doing this baby line with Dad and meeting all the wonderful people that love Good Baby and want to help me with it, and learning an entirely
new business i may add, is really cool...
so, uh, i wasn't quite sure what to do.

But, I did tell everyone in the cast about it while we were waiting to go on, and they remember my parents and were real proud of the effort, particularly on the part of Dad who at 82 is in the lab today (Sunday) trying to get samples of the Body Milk Lotion done for me so I can give them out at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in mid-September.

So before you know it, there we are
on the air, sitting in two rows because there are seven of us, and it comes time to ask us what we are up to.

When they got to me I mentioned that I had just directed two shows for TV and then I paused thinking... "Should I say it?" and then much to my surprise... Mel Harris and Patty Wettig jump in, "Tell them about your Baby Cream!" and all six of them start talking at once. I couldn't get a word in... to say what the new line was called. It was hilarious. Then I kind of yelled over everyone an
d said it's called "Mayron's Good Baby, a Natural and Organic line of Skin Care!" And after that Ken Olin blurts out, really loud, "It's good for CHAFING!"

Sheesh. But what an amazing thing. To have the entire cast of thirtysomething plugging Good Baby on ABC. I couldn't have asked for it to get out there a better way.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So I'm at the Dog Groomer...

So I'm at the Dog Groomer waiting for twenty minutes until the owner is done talking to the elderly man with the most filthy and matted white Husky you have ever seen. The poor, poor doggie with the sad brown eyes. She must be kept outside, her coat was dusted with dirt and twigs, but she had a home and she was being taken in for a bath and a brush out, so good for her. After he left, the lovely owner/dancer of Pour La Pooch in Hollywood turned to me and said, "Let's put them on this shelf here." Placing what you may ask? Why six boxes of Mayron's Good Baby "Our Best" Barrier and Diaper Cream. They are now sitting underneath the hot spot spray and right to the left of the organic, pet body wash. I know I put out a list of "Other Uses" for "Our Best," but one of them that I was frankly too chicken to list on the website, was how utterly fantastic "Our Best" has done to aid man's best friend's skin issues... like hot spots, irritations down there and it seems anywhere, on the little or big dog's skin. A producer on the last episode of "Greek" that I directed bought a tube for her dog. My friend Jocelyn, who has been helping me launch Good Baby, had seen incredible success with one of her basset hounds. Lucy had had skin irritaions and rashes for two years- the vet kept handing her various creams to try and nothing helped. Well, Lucy gave "Our Best" a whirl and it fixed her up straight away.

It surprised me greatly, and I thought I would share the situation. As our cream is so loaded with so many treats for the health of our skin, that it is indeed a good thing for, well perhaps more than babies and big ones... but our canine friends as well. So if you know of new moms to share "Our Best" with, and even big ones with "issues" down there, please order away.

Operators are on call 24 hours a day to take your orders. And if your four legged friend needs our help, well, you can sleep well knowing "Our Best" is there for them too.

Be well, have a great week.
And remember, "Nothing is more important than this day."


Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Launch and when the Tushie Lady was born!

Well this has been such a long time coming. Like at least a dozen years. My dad is a brilliant chemist and we have been working on developing the best barrier and diaper cream out there. And paraben free as well...

About twelve years ago, Dad was sending me tubes of different creams he'd make up, and I was in my bungalow in Hollywood talking to my mom back home in suburban Philadelphia. At the time, Rosie O'Donnell had her talk show on the air. So mom says, "Mellie, can't you get the cream to Rosie? You know her. She could talk about it on the air."  I said, "Mom, I know Roe,-" (being actresses and all), "but where am I going to see Rosie O'Donnell? I'm in L.a., she's in New York..." my voice trailed off. There was a pause, and then mom said, "Yeah, I know..."

So like not more than 5 days later I walk out my front door and there is Rosie O'Donnell in my next door neighbor's driveway lifting a huge gift wrapped package out of the trunk of her rent-a-car.

"Hey Melanie." "Oh, hey Rosie," I said kind of shocked that I had been talking about her and how there was no way I could run into her and here she is in the driveway next door to me. "What you doing out here?" "Oh going to a friend's baby shower." She was actually best friend's with my next door neighbor and they were going together. Suddenly we hear a baby screaming. It was her first child. She lifted him out of his car seat and told me what a bad diaper rash he had and how she'd tried everything. She asked if I wanted to see. "Sure," I said... I couldn't believe my conversation with mom just days ago and here it is, Rosie O'Donnell standing in front of me with her baby, screaming at the top of his lungs with a flaming diaper rash. She put him down on the grass and undid his diaper. "See?" He sure was red. I said, "Hey Roe, you want some diaper cream for that rash?" She looked up surprised. "Yeah, sure, why you got some?" I told her that my dad and I were working on one and I ran into my bungalow as fast as I could, shaking my head the whole time. I grabbed a small white blank tube, with a little label scotch-taped on with some of my dad's bic-penned scrawl.  I handed it to Rosie. She eyed the tube for a moment. "What's this?"  "Oh that's the cream. Put it on."
So she did. I told her to keep the tube... We chatted a bit and then she and her son went on their way. About a week or so later I come home and on my message machine it says I have 22 messages. The day after I won my Emmy for "thirtysomething" I had 19, so something big must have happened and I didn't know how it could be bigger than winning an Emmy. I played the messages. Message after message was the same. "I was watching the Rosie O'Donnell Show today and she talked about your diaper cream. And how it was the only thing that fixed up her baby." Apparently she said something like,"I don't know what happened to Melanie Mayron's acting career, but now she's making diaper cream!"

The next day I was at a local, West Hollywood restaurant, a hot spot for brilliant breakfasts, Hugo's, and this gay waiter walks past me, and then suddenly stops in his tracks, turns on his heels and takes me in. 
"Well look who we have here! It's the "Tushy Lady."

I couldn't believe it.... We all laughed. 

So now, twelve years later, we are up and running and we have the cream for sale. And it is the best we ever made. So for once, I can officially say, "I am indeed, The Tushy Lady!"